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Siberian Husky — Age 2
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Dash is the life of the party, every day!
We got Dash when he was 2 months old, we fell absolutely in love and he is like a son to us! We noticed he had very loose stools constantly from the time we got him, up until he was about 5 months old. We went through numerous vet visits, costly tests, probiotics from the vet, slowly transitioning him to 2 new kinds of food and still nothing was working. I hopped on a Husky forum where someone suggested The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form supplement. I loved what I read about the company & the ingredients. We were all on vacation and luckily, found an animal supply store that carried this brand. The supplement started working right away and he LOVED to eat his kibble with this supplement added on top. We he heard us open the container, he'd come running. That was far from his usual ho-hum attitude towards food. Perfect form changed our sweet boys life and we will forever be grateful for such an amazing company with amazing products. Lately, he' becoming finicky towards dry kibble and it's hard to find good quality wet canned food, so we just ordered some trial sized packs of the Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food since he LOVES wet food, and we hope he will fall in love with this food, like we've fallen in love with the company behind it! Thank you so much Honest Kitchen for really caring for animals and making great quality products for our little furry 4 legged sons and daughters!
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