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Pit Bull — Age 1
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Desi & her dad, Byren
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Desi & Rosie snuggle
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In the backyard.

Desdemona is a very sweet dog who had been perfectly healthy her whole life. A little bit after her one year birthday, Desi started having skin issues. She was scratching and licking a lot, especially biting at her paws. She had little red bumps on her belly and back legs. We took Desi to the vet, and the vet suggested that Desi probably had a flea allergy and put her on Comfortis. This is when we discovered that the licking had gotten so bad, it had caused a secondary bacterial skin infection. However, nothing improved after four months of the new medication.

At that point, I decided to switch Desi from Blue Buffalo Wilderness (a kibble) and place her on The Honest Kitchen. Deci immediately improved; she has been taken off the Comforts. As a bonus, she loves the new food. So does her sister, Rosalie--who is historically a very picker eater.

THK products Desdemona loves
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  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Beef Recipe (Love)

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