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Schnauzer — Age 1
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We've tried nearly every kind of quality food from Orijen to Taste of the Wild and Acana in dry kibble and Sojos, Grandma Lucy's, Orijen, Primal, and instinct in dehydrated/freeze dried foods. The one that we keep coming back to is THK because of the variety of flavors and the palatability for Dex. He likes all flavors, although he is a considerably picky eater. I typically rotate flavors and add meats to boost the protein content. He also drinks the raw goats milk and bone broth. He is no longer a picky eater. Instead, he's enthusiastic about meal time, and his veterinarians have comments on his skin, teeth, and physical stature. He went through a bit of an overweight period prior to changing over to THK, but now he's slim and trim.

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