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Chihuahua — Age 6
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EmBARK!?? Yes please!
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The photo from the shelter's website before THK food.

I rescued Diesel from a pug shelter in Texas. He was sweet, but had an absent look in his eyes. He would pick around at the kibble that the foster parents gave me, but never really eating enough. He would have a bowel movement once every two or three days and was constantly on his back scratching himself, clearly in distress. I found out about THK through Facebook or Google (can't remember) and decided to try some samples. We found a winner with Embark. He has eaten that consistently for over a year now. He waits impatiently for the 5 minutes and goes nuts when the timer goes off. He devours the food in an instant and continues to lick every last speck out of the bowl. He has at least two (much larger) bowel movements a day now, unless I run out and have to feed him something from Petsmart. He is spunky and frisky, like a puppy again. I can't say this with certitude, but I honestly believe THK foods have saved my dog's life. I don't know where we'd be right now if we were on a kibble diet.

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