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Golden Retriever — Age 1
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We rescued Dixie last July and not long after she had a lot of health issues-throwing up, skin issues-constant licking and itching. We had her to the vet numerous times with no real definite answer of what the problem was-maybe allergies. I began researching on line and had decided to investigate making my own food. In the meantime, we started Dixie at doggie day care and the woman who runs the business started telling me about the Honest Kitchen that she uses for her dog with a lot of stomach issues, with great success. I ordered the limited ingredient Brave.She LOVES the food-has never eaten THAT well and has not had an episode of vomiting since. Her skin issues are not completely gone, but much improved. We are still working on elimination with that. I know she is better hydrated from the amount of water added (since she is NOT a big water drinker) and also she doesn't always go for the grass in the year anymore. Thank you for letting me feel better about what we are feeding her as well as having a healthier pet!
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