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Dalmatian — Age 2
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Always looking forward to mealtime!
Before Dolce became my foster failure last year, she was a very sick girl suffering from pneumonia. After extensive treatment and medication, she finally came home with me, but she had to be quarantined for 6 months to completely recover. I started her off on grocery-store dog foods as thats what she's been given at the shelter and vet. Not knowing any better and feeling bad for Dolce being contained for so long with little human interaction, play, or exercise, I spoiled her and showed her how much I loved her with food- not knowing that the grocery store brands were low-quality and full of fillers that contained little nutrition for all pets.Dolce showed little interest for her meals and i just thought she was not a food kind of dog. She also started gaining weight rapidly from the food and lack of exercise. I researched and learned the importance of diet for pets and realized her food might be the problem. Once her six months in quarantine were over and her internal health was improving, I decided to switch her to THK and what a miraculous difference it made for Dolce! She now loves her meals and is back to a healthy weight!
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