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Basset Hound — Age 12
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Dudley celebrating his 12th birthday on April 1, 2013!
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Dudley was diagnosed with a chicken allergy in 2011. Good luck finding many foods without chicken or poultry products! We stumbled upon THK online and ordered a box of Verve. He loves it! After just two months on THK alone, no more itchy skin, infected ears or yeasty toes!

In May of 2012, Dudley became paralyzed from the mid-back down. With mega-doses of prednisone, he's back on his feet, though a bit wobbly. Because his condition is due to compressed disc disease, the bane of old Bassets, he'll never walk perfectly again but who cares?! His initial high doses of steroids caused pancreatitis (THK saves the day once again)!

THK has been a life-saver. Not only have his allergies cleared up, but the wet food makes it ridiculously easy to hide his three pills in the morning and his four pills in the evening! Thanks THK (and Dudley would say thank you if he could, too!)
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