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Basenji — Age 8
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Duma frolics in the daisies at Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA
Duma was found roaming an empty school during the summer in Southern California. She was so scared, it took three days for the person to find her to convince her to get close enough to be captured and taken to a shelter. We rescued Duma for Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) and agreed to foster her back to health before being placed for adoption. When Duma was found she weighed just 16 lbs, was flea invested, had a brittle coat, some bald patches, and had obviously given birth to puppies fairly recently; her puppies were no where to be found. She had extreme separation anxiety and had obviously never been walked on a leash or allowed to live inside. When we brought Duma home she immediately threw up on our couch and pooped on our rug. She was so sick and anxious. We slowly nursed her back to health but she just seemed to be a really picky eater, even turning her nose up to homemade meatballs prepared especially for her. We tried food after food but to no avail - we would ignore her when we gave her food or lavish her with attention - we tried it all; nothing worked. As she grew to know us she became less shy and more outgoing. Today she is a sweet, gentle spirit who always has a head bow and waggily tail for anyone who wants to say 'hi'. As she recovered, she was slowly gaining weight but her coat remained rough and her skin itchy and flaky. A co-worker who was a fellow dog lover and registered dietician recommended I try The Honest Kitchen. She brought me several trial sized packages and Thrive was a HUGE hit! After only a short time, Duma's skin was soft and her coat became a soft, beautiful red and white velvet. We never have to coax her to eat. She lines up by her bowl when food is served. Needless to say, we failed at fostering - we adopted Duma and she is one of us, a family member forever!
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