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Weimaraner — Age 4
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Shinier coat!
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A nap isn't a nap without a pillow.
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Running in the snow is a favorite pass time.
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I like my tennis balls
Echo is now almost 5, and for the first 3 years I had been feeding Echo a high quality dry food. I noticed his coat was dull and a little dry, his stool was also on the softer side. I talked with our vet and all his tests came back clear, so she recommended trying dehydrated food to see if that helped improve the texture and appearance of his fur, and consistency of his stool. He adjusted to the honest kitchen food very well. And it wasnt but maybe a week and I noticed his tool had improved. It took a little longer for his coat, but even through this winter I've noticed his coat has remained soft and shiny. He loves all the flavors but the duck is his favorite.
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