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American Shorthair — Age 8
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Me and My Brother, Linky
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Elmer and Linky relaxing after a long day of chasing each other around.
We have two kittens about 8 months old, Linky and Elmer. We rescued them from a shelter when they were 6 months old. We were so excited to have them with us. About one month after bringing them home, Elmer started to have diarrhea. We took him to the Vet who did some tests and gave him some medication. After a couple weeks, we took him back to the Vet as he wasn't getting better. After more tests and more medication, he was just getting more and more sick.

Then one night, I went to pet him and noticed that he had a rectal Prolapse. Called the Vet who recommended an ER. The ER was so expensive just to see him. After a couple hours of trying to find a reasonable ER Vet, we noticed that it went back in on its own. We took him to the VET first thing Monday morning. The Vet gave him more medication and did more tests. Still didn't have an answer to what was going on. Gave him the medication until it ran out. Then again the same thing happens, rectal prolapse. This time it was extremely bad. Elmer was in so much pain. We took him the next day to another Vet for a second option.

It was determined that Elmer needs to have surgery ASAP or he would need to be put down. We held a fundraiser to raise funds for the surgery as it was extremely expensive. With the help of the rescue we were able to raise enough funds and scheduled the surgery the next day.

After surgery, the Vet determined that Elmer has difficulty digesting foods and that we need to help get his diet under control to prevent this happening again. We tried a number of different brands claiming to be easy to digest but Elmer was still having troubles and was beginning to have diarrhea again. We spent hundreds on different brands with no luck. I reached out to a number of companies for help with no response.

I was told to try The Honest Kitchen so I reached out to them. I was shocked when I received a response from Chris within hours. Chris was more then happy to send me a sample which I received in days. I fed Elmer and Linky for 2 weeks just on the samples alone!

We began to see a change in Elmer's attitude over the first couple of days. We have continued to see great improvement with Elmer over the last couple weeks. He has even been playing with his toys again which we haven't seen him do in months. He is being a normal kitten and getting in trouble with his brother Linky. He seems to be able to digest your foods better then any else.

I want to thank you so much as this has saved us from having to put him down as the vet bills were getting too expensive with no results. Since we have been giving them your products he has made a complete turn around. It makes us all very happy that there is a food that Elmer can digest easily. He has also been putting on weight over the last couple of weeks and is the most healthy that he has been in months. This is all thanks to The Honest Kitchen. Did I mention that they both absolutely LOVE The Honest Kitchen foods and flavors!!!

We want to thank Chris and everyone at The Honest Kitchen for help saving Elmer.

From Mary, Sal, Elmer and Linky from Wayne, Pa
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