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Other (dog) — Age 2
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My precious one-eyed boy Elvis.
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This is Buddy D.
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One more of Elvis showing the pug slump.
I actually have 2 pugs, Elvis 2 1/2 bought as a puppy and Buddy D will be 6 in a few days that we rescued. We have tried so many different foods, dry, canned, frozen raw and a combination of things. Either one of them refused it or I just was not happy with how it seemed to effect them. Pugs seem to easily allergic to so many things. My Elvis has always had a dark dark belly which can be an indicator of an allergy. Several months ago HK became a vendor on a forum I am on, I thought what the heck lets try something else so I sent for the sample packs of the wheat free food. Well to my surprise they both liked it.

I used to sit on the floor and I am not a young woman anymore, to hand feed Elvis to get him to eat. Now they both look forward to eating. I do add just a pinch of shredded cheese as an extra treat at times. I also always add unsalted canned green beans to their food because Elvis just loves them, I only put 2-3 in Buddy Ds food, he doesn't like them but licks them clean and when he backs away Elvis runs over to eat them. Elvis thinks he is stealing them from Buddy D.

Back to my sweet Elvis' belly it is slowly turning lighter and pinker. Both of their coats seem to be shedding less and look so good. And something I had not noticed is that Buddy D's breath, which could have run a skunk off, is so much better. My husband noticed this. Poor Buddy was not well taken care of and he did have teeth issues that we tended to but the bad breath just would not go away. Now it has.

I am saving so much money. I was spending anywhere from 60-75 dollars a week for 2 dogs trying to find the right combination of foods. Now I am spending around 100.0 which is wonderful.

I am so pleased with HK that when Chris Freyer, the wonderful concierge sent an email offering the automatic ordering I signed up immediately. We have it worked out that I receive my order when I am down to 3-4 days of food left, works perfectly. I love the fact that he sends out an email before the order goes out to see if anything else is needed or if any changed need to be made. This last time Buddy D's birthday was noticed and my boy received a treat.
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