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Cocker Spaniel — Age 3
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Ember waiting for her treat jar to be filled.
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Ember in her holiday hat
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Ember at the beach
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Ember is ready to run!
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Ember and Volcano (big brother) on a hike. The sun is bright!

A few days after New Years, Ember was diagnosed with epilepsy. She has petite-mal seizures and was experiencing them once a month. The vet immediately wanted to put her on medication and do a series of tests. I knew there had to be a better way to help my fur-baby that wouldn't involve stressing her out with constant poking and prodding, nor stress me out with increasing vet bills. I researched raw diets and cooked diets before finding Honest Kitchen. Cooked diets were too difficult to manage with my schedule. The raw diet was great, except I live in an apartment, and keeping down contaminants so I didn't get sick was difficult. Honest Kitchen is the next best thing. Since she started on Honest Kitchen, Ember's seizures have been cut in half. I love that there is lots of variety. I have another dog and a cat. They get so excited when I'm making their food that I have to put all of them in another room. They never got this excited about kibble. I also board dogs in my home. Once they've smelled Honest Kitchen, they don't want to eat their own food! Thank you, Honest Kitchen for making a food that I can trust. Honest Kitchen is high quality for my pets and convenience for me. I love it!!

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