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Pekingese — Age 11
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Our little boss, Emma.
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Our little Emma, who is a big boss doggie trapped in a little Pekingese body has been a picky eater for years. She is a rescue who came from a back yard breeder and had lived outside all her life until she came to us. (We are a small animal rescue that takes in mainly special needs pets.) In result of her past very stressful environment, she has high anxiety and that can be set off rather easily with any changes in her routine. With Emma, stress equals tummy issues, allergies, anxiety and picky eating. We have tried many high quality foods for our rescues over the years but none compare to Honest Kitchen foods. The change in our Emma along with our other picky eaters (both dogs and cats!) have been remarkable! Emma is now eating happily at each meal and has kept on a more healthy weight. No more upset tummy issues thanks to the high quality dehydrated foods of Honest Kitchen. Thank you!
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