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Shih Tzu — Age 1
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Monty (left), Emmy (right) after a fun walk
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Emmy chasing her brother
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Emmy and Monty as puppies
Emmy and her brother Monty joined our family in January 2012 at three months and three pounds. They looked almost identical and were inseparable, but their personalities and development were quite different. Where Monty was outgoing, athletic, and grew like a weed, Emmy was shy, more fragile / fatigued, and was sick quite often.

The vet diagnosed her with an overproduction of stomach acid, which results in vomiting of bile if she ever gets an empty stomach, but that didn't explain the constantly recurring diarrhea which was not due to parasites. We bought a wide variety of food, from high quality canned to limited ingredient canned / dry, to try to determine what her food allergy was, but nothing ever really stabilized her stools. After many sleepless months and not many options on when we could leave her alone, we finally found Honest Kitchen.

We started with Keen, and there was zero transition time. Within no time, her schedule became more regular and she became more energetic. We tried a few other HK foods and finally have settled on Thrive - the higher protein amount and quinoa sit in her stomach long enough that she can make it through the day and through the night without getting sick / requiring medication. She can now maintain weight and is a worthy opponent of her brother in wrestling. The best part is that her real personality is coming out because she is feeling better. After a year of going to daycare, Emmy has started playing with other dogs, which surprised everyone - she is more confident, playful, and loving.

In the end - we know she is allergic to fish / seafood, which is an additive in a lot of pet foods, but she also seems to be allergic to food preservatives - she also cannot eat most treats, only dehydrated chicken / turkey. Honest Kitchen was a saving grace for our pack - preparation is not too much effort, everyone has a manageable routine and is happy and healthy. We can't thank you enough!
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