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Chihuahua — Age 8
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Feliz as a plus size
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Showing off her new svelte self.
Feliz is my first Chihuahua…little in stature, big in personality, and as I would tell people, she had a "thyroid problem" or I'd say that she was "big boned". Let's face it.
She was fat.

She didn't start out that way - I'm sorry to say that she became that way on my watch.

Before becoming a plus sized pup, she was very lively and always ready to take on the world.. As she got bigger, her hips began to bother her and because of that, we had to limit her walks. She couldn't jump up. She had to be picked up.

Considering that she was already a middle aged dog, her golden years weren't looking very bright.
It was time to make a serious committed change.

We started with a raw diet but it wasn't until I began using Preference, Embark and occasionally Zeal that I began seeing a real change.

Feliz has a waistline now! I measure her food out very carefully and using THK makes that so easy. Along with her new girlish figure comes the old Feliz, the little spark plug, happy and peppy…the real clincher, she got the spring back in her legs. She can jump up now.

For the first time in a long time, I feel great about her future.
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