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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 10
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The Story of Finn
I decided to foster Finn from the Philadelphia Animal Care & Control. He had been found wandering the city streets, and by the looks of him had been out in the cold for some time. He was severely matted, with red, itchy skin. Incredibly neglected - with nails curling under his paws, underweight, a mouth full of rotted teeth, and his coat was so matted they could not tell if he was a boy or a girl.

The first night, after he ate he slept 15 hours straight. He didn't want to go outside, just wanted to curl up in my lap. I took him to a near by clinic and he had to have 15 teeth pulled because they were so rotted.

Since he only had 4 teeth left, I needed to feed him a food that would be nutritious and help with his skin issues. I settled on Preference and added different proteins. I also added Invigor and Sparkle to help with his coat and his tear stains.

He loves the food. Licks the bowl clean and comes tearing into the kitchen when I start to make it. About 3 weeks after we started, I began to notice a difference in his coat. It was softer, his skin was no longer red or flaky. While he still had tear stains, it definitely was not as bad as it had been before. I now also give him Quiet Tea mixed with Ice Pups for a treat when he's wound up - and it actually settles him down. Great products, great company :)

Here's his story on video:

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