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Short Haired Tabby — Age 5
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Sleeping in his favorite bed!

"Flash" is an amazing cat! He came into the veterinary hospital that I work at as a stray. He had a tail injury and needed to have his tail amputated. We fixed him up and decided to keep him as a blood donor for other cats when needed. We ran every test in the book on him and he was given the go ahead to donate blood. "Flash" donated blood one time and then the blood donor program was discontinued. Lucky for me "Flash" was in need of a home. I brought him home and he fit right in. My home became his home. "Flash" was always a little skinny. He was fed a leading veterinary diet twice a day but was always super hungry. We increased the amount of his food with no weight gain. All veterinary testing was redone and again was given a clean bill of health. A coworker suggested changing his diet. I was reluctant. I have been in the veterinary industry for 15 years and always thought the veterinary diets were the best food to feed my pets. I finally changed "Flash's" diet to the Honest Kitchen Prowl formula. He has finally put on a few needed pounds. He has way more energy and races to get to the food bowl at meal times. He loves the Honest Kitchen diet! He is happy and maintaining his weight! Im so glad I have found your product. Many of my coworkers have switched to the Honest Kitchen diet and have experienced similar positive results!

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