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Foggy and Ebby

Schnauzer — Age 9
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Ebby and Foggy enjoy the sun.

Every since we first got our lads they were picky eaters. They would a particular food for a day or two then get bored with it. When Ebby was diagnosed with UTI and Struvyte crystals we were told we may have to put him on a "special" prescription diet. I fed it to him for a week. Reading the back of it gave me heart palpitations. Corn, corn, and corn were the first three ingredients. Also, Ebby became incontinent on it. He was now peeing in his kennel. After talking to the vet and doing my own research I discovered the most important thing I could do is to make sure he drank tons of water. After looking for a dog food that bothy my boys could eat my local pet shot gave me samples of your food. Low and behold the lads loved it! And I could add a ton of water to Ebby's and he would wolf it down! We bought the smaller box to make sure they would continue to like it. When we took Ebby back to the vet he received a clean bill of health! NO crystals and no infection. I am now a committed customer. On top of that the boys love it, and try to rush me to get it out to them.

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