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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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I am my mommy's shadow!
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Under my feet while I am cooking lol
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I was not sharing my snack with Frank so this is the face he gave me.
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I follow my mommy into the bathroom because I don't want her out of my sight.
Frank was a rescue from a vet office who had been holding while he recovered from ACL surgery. When I got him they said he had trouble keeping on weight, so I bought a name brand dog food and thought all would be well. While essentially I was right, Frank started having the worst smelling gas, worse then a grown man lol, so I started researching different things and found that a soy free diet works really well in eliminating that issue. So I bought a good brand or what I though was a good brand anyways, as I was feeding it to him I noticed some questionable ingredients and that since Frank had been neutered, just be for diet change, he was now less active and getting fat.

So back to the drawing board we went, and that is when I found Honest Kitchen. I have ordered some samples and been reading about the products and we are going to be ordering Zeal Dog Food, since he seemed to have a sensitivity to soy and is not as active, and also seems to have seasonal allergies and struggles with itching. I am happy to have finally found something that Frank loves and that I as his mommy and protector love. Frank says mommy needs to save up some money and buy the tshirt for her and the Quite tea for me "cause I am a big scaredy cat during storms and I get nervous when I think mommy is gonna leave me"
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