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Schnauzer — Age 5
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Honest Kitchen has given my dog the life he deserves. HK has literally "healed" my dog. Since we got him as a puppy he's always had stomach,digestive,kidney issues. He had no energy, just always seemed like he never felt good, low energy. Tried Acana,Origen, all the best known. Would go a day or more without eating,threw up at least 2 times a week. This was his first 4 years of life. He was in and out of emergency room, tests,on prescription dog food which i can only imagine tasted horrible, for crystals in his urine.Final straw was last ER visit. I had already been pondering making my own human grade dog food. I left there,went to grocery store and that's the beginning. I made my own food using canned chicken,rice, and baby food. He ate it like he hasn't done in years. In the 2 weeks after the ER visit we were also waiting on his biopsy results which I finally decided to make my own decision on. I'd been wanting to do it for a couple years. So I demanded the test. Oh, and thank god I got pet insurance at 12 weeks old. Came back with severe IBS. I continued to make his food and even started our younger dog on it as well. Fudgy was a new dog. Now, for those of you reading this, making it your self is no easy task. After researching deeper I found I was possibly robbing my poor dogs of the essential vitamins and nutrients specific to dogs. Their food has to be "balanced". So, now I have to go and hunt down about 5 different additives to add to their food. Now this is getting very expensive. I'm still going to do it but it's expensive and time consuming. So I visit a well known dog store, Benson Canine Cookies, to try and locate everything. They are very friendly and asked what I needed. I explained everything. It was my lucky day as they just so happened to have a in store intro for Honest Kitchen. I think they were just starting to carry it. It was a small box with a $10 coupon. She explained it was the only FDA human grade food and that it's already BALANCED! Bought 2 boxes, dogs loved it. That was November 2016. 6 months later they both eat their HK morning and evening like it's the first time and literally spit shine their bowls. They both even check the others bowl with the small hope they left some in there. Fudgy has not thrown up, is full of energy, hasn't been to the vet and at his last annual physical his urinalysis came back CLEAR. I didn't even tell my vet he hasn't been on his prescription dog food for months. Honest Kitchen has been a life changing experience. Plus, it is actually cheaper than making it myself,not to mention the time it takes. God Bless HK, Fudgy and family.
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