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Greyhound — Age 8
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A Success Story
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Our Italian Greyhound, Gary, was diagnosed with Idiopathic epilepsy at around two years of age and after doing some research, we started him on a limited ingredient, grain free diet. However, he was still having at least one episode a month. Words can't describe the helplessness and frustration of seeing your pet having seizures; while not life threatening, they are painful to witness.
A little over a year ago, I began feeding him Honest Kitchen, Zeal; he has had three mild seizures in the past year. Thank goodness we found something that worked, I won't think of feeding anything else. He just went in for a check up and dental cleaning and the vet asked me what food I fed him because he was so healthy.
Thanks Honest Kitchen for giving my pet the best quality of life possible,
Jami Rome

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  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Chicken Recipe (Force)

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