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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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Gator is the most amazing and special boy I've ever met!
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Gator and Florida. Best Friends Forever.
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Gator and Florida watching squirrels.
Gator is what I believe to be a black mouth cur, shepherd and pit mix. This truly special boy came to me as my very first foster dog, and soon thereafter a foster failure. A rescue group (SouthBARK Animal Rescue) that I now spend every spare moment volunteering for, brought him into my life. When he first arrived, he was extremely skittish and deathly afraid of men. He warmed up to my lab/whippet rescue though, and the two of them became fast friends. I decided I could not adopt him out and that he was meant to be with us. He has grown both physically and emotionally and has such a wonderful presence with new foster dogs. He is now our official Foster Ambassador. Gator has sensitive skin and a sensitive tummy. He used to scratch all the time; we live in the deep south where this is not at all uncommon. His potty breaks were less than the good kind of productive a pet parent wants to see, if you know what I mean. After trying many different types of food – raw, semi-raw, dry, wet and everything in between, I finally found THK! Gator took to it immediately and starting showing improvement within days. He absolutely loves it, and so does the rest of my pack. He hardly ever scratches anymore and he poops like a champ! I am thrilled to feed him and the rest of my pack a food that they not only love, but one that is so good for them and made by a company with a heart and soul I can get behind.
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