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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 2
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Fussy Eater George Finds Happiness with Halcyon - Duck
Not only is he a fussy eater, he's also allergic to chicken. So I scoured pet food labels to find products that did not contain chicken, and a protein source that wasn't in excess of 30%. These two variables were difficult to find in the same product. In the meantime, my boy needed to gain weight! I went thru several variations of foods, limited ingredient diets, refrigerator tubes, raw, frozen raw, dehydrated raw. He finally started eating Stella and Chewy's Duck Duck Goose. But the protein content was well into 40%, way too high. He's had THK occasionally in the past, but your new product, Halcyon Duck, recently came out and I thought this might be the magic bullet. I bought a 4lb box, mixed up a proper portion, crossed my fingers, and watched as he vacuumed it down! We're going on a couple weeks now and he slurps it up and actually runs over to the bowl when I put it down. I'm confident he'll continue to be happy with Halcyon.
I finally found a mix that has the right percentage of protein, and mixed with rolled oats and other good stuff, as if I made it myself. Thanks THK!!
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