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Boxer — Age 9
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Tummy Troubles No More!
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Ginger at 1 yr
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My silly girl!
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A happy, healthy 9-yr old!

Ginger was found in a dumpster at 10 weeks old. Due to her rough start in life, she has battled stomach troubles her whole life. As early as six months old, she was diagnosed with colitis and has had fairly intense food allergies since then.

We were always able to manage her food allergies by keeping her away from the "known" troublemakers, but in 2013, Ginger started to have repeated skin, paw and ear issues and our normal approach no longer helped.

After switching her to a novel protein food from a large pet store chain, she started losing weight very rapidly until she reached such a critical point that she refused to eat and could barely even hold her head up.

Vet tests revealed Protein Losing Enteropathy...and the vet suggested she be put on steroids and antibiotics for the rest of her life. The vet was very cautious with her outlook - and any of my research indicated a very poor prognosis.

Being a Reiki Practitioner, I am always searching for holistic supplements and treatments. Through my research, I found Honest Kitchen's website and was immediately excited to try their human-grade, whole foods approach to restoring Ginger's health.

Ginger started on Zeal (the only blend with none of her known allergens). Within a couple of weeks, I started to reduce the amount of medication...and to my (not) surprise, her body began a complete turnaround.

We are now six months past the initial diagnosis. Ginger is back at a healthy weight and no longer needs the steroids and antibiotics that had been prescribed to her. I know the healthy goodness of Honest Kitchen has been a big part of her success story!

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