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Other (dog) — Age 8
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Ginger, March 2015, visiting "Grandma".
Ginger was adopted from the Mower County Humane Society in 2009, when we estimate she was around 2 years old. My previous dog had died about a month prior, and I missed having a dog so much, so decided to adopt another.

Ginger had been a pound surrender that the Humane Society rescued, and it quickly became apparent that someone male had mistreated her, as she has issues with any men she is introduced to, until she gets to know them. (True story: only one guy she's met that she didn't warm up to after repeat contact, and he turned out to be not-so-nice, so I trust her judgement!) She also wasn't spayed or fully house-trained. She was spayed immediately, and eventually house-trained, and now fits in with my 3 cats just fine. She will try to dominate them, but they mostly ignore her and everyone's happy.

When I first adopted her, I was feeding her commercial dry food plus commercial wet food, and she was always scratching and licking herself, and her coat was dull. Since learning about what actually goes into commercial pet food, I gradually switched her over to the Love variety (grain free) from THK and her coat is now glossy, and she isn't constantly scratching or licking. She's also much more regular now too... and she loves her Love! We've been a loyal THK customer for several years now, and I wouldn't switch her food for any reason!
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