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Guster Bear began eating The Honest Kitchen at eight weeks old, after his big sister Abby Rose had been enjoying it for a few months with fantastic life-changing results (She has her own True Story). We purchased a box of Thrive to feed along with Preference, hoping the high calorie content would help us keep up with his rapid growth and never ending Boston Terrier puppy energy. We definitely chose right!

After two months of eating two meals a day of Preference and one large meal of Thrive, Gus has gone from a tiny two and a half pound little guinea pig, to a twelve and a half pound puppy monster! He is extremely lean, has outrageous muscle tone, and has yet to look too skinny or too chubby. His coat is absolutely gorgeous, his eyes are bright and clear, his ears are clean and healthy… And most of all, he is completely obsessed with mealtime! When it gets close to feeding time, Gus will go lay in the kitchen waiting for his food while giving an award winning performance, “I’m starving, I’m pathetic, please feed me before I DIE!” It’s pretty adorable, and it feels great to be feeding him something that is so healthy AND that he so thoroughly enjoys.

We anticipate nothing but greatness while feeding The Honest Kitchen to Gus, and cannot wait to provide updates to his story as he grows into adulthood.
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