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American Shorthair — Age 1
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Halvah Nagila
Halvah is our year-old dilute calico rescue kitty of 9 months. Although she was very frisky in the first few months we had her, she became increasingly lethargic at play after a few months and started to develop a little pouchy tummy. After seeing an article about The Honest Kitchen's pet food in a Sierra Club magazine, I was intrigued not only by the product's low environmental impact (no more food cans!) but the idea of feeding Halvah a healthier whole food meal with minimal processing. It was quite easy to switch her over...she lapped up the Prowl along with her canned meal..and I knew she liked it better because she only left over some of the canned meal in her dish. Now she eagerly eats Prowl and refuses to wait the requisite 5 minutes....I just put in the hot water, stir, and serve! Halvah has been much friskier since on Prowl and is gradually reducing that pouchy tummy. Thanks The Honest Kitchen!
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