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Bulldog — Age 1
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I have an eight month old English Bulldog, he has had chronic tummy problems since we got him at 4 months old. After taking him to the vet several times, he had tapeworm, which he got from his Mommy, then he had ghiradea which he picked up outside. Not a good start, so we cleared all that up and continued on with Orejen and Nutrisca as his food choices. His loose stools continued and it was really baffling, I started to wonder if my guy will be chronically ill.

I read about Dehydrated food- and I thought hmm may be I should try it. So I went to my local store- Pet Me Please in San Diego and was given a few sample packets, his stools were much better immediately. He doesn't go in the middle of the night and I am happy to say he is doing great on Force.

It is really a miracle!! I was so worried my bullie would be forever cursed with a bad tummy.

Hamilton thanks you!! And so do I.
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