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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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Fit and Trim and No More Itching!
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Hans sleeping with his duck.
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Police Dog?
We found Hans (labled as a Pekingese mix) at our local humane society. It turned out that this was his second time up for adoption at the humane society. His first family said he was too much work and his second owner did not claim him when he was brought in as a stray. I fell in love with his gentle, calm nature and his adorable face. Since he was my first dog I did not know anything about proper dog nutrition and proceeded to feed him grocery store bought food and treats. Hans was constantly licking and gnawing at his paws and itching his ears. A few weeks later Hans had a seizure and I rushed him to the vet. I told him about his itching, the seizure and how I had noticed he had been holding one of his back legs up while walking. The vet could not find a cause for the seizure and told me that some dogs are just itchy and that I shouldn't worry about it. What we did find out is that he has Lyme Disease and a luxating patella. The vet told me Hans was overweight and needed to lose a few pounds to put less stress on his knee.

After doing countless hours of research online about dog food and possible allergies/intolerances to food; I decided the best thing I could do for Hans was to try feeding him The Honest Kitchen Embark. I wanted a food that was natural, made in the USA, no ingredients from China and protein that did not come from chicken or beef. The Honest Kitchen fit the bill. I'm happy to report that Hans is now lean and fit, no longer scratches his ears constantly, doesn't lick his paws obsessively, and has not had a seizure since he has been switched to a healthy diet! Thanks Honest Kitchen!!!
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