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Chihuahua — Age 9
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Happy is a happy senior Chihuahua mix rescue
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The day we met Happy. She was so overweight, she looked like a racoon
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Happy was found by my friend, abandoned in the streets with a brand new collar that was stiff and too big for her neck. She was covered in fleas, had an eye infection and an ear infection. My son, who had a phobia of dogs, quickly fell in love with her. She was very friendly and happy, so my son decided to name her Happy. At the vet, we found out that she had crystals in her urine. She also wouldn't eat from her bowl and only eat from human hands. The vet put her on a prescription dog food to help her with her urinary issues. She was also overweight and had arthritis. She had fatty skin tumor at the base of her tail, which turned out to be benign but the vet told us it may get bigger as she ages and cause mobility issues.
After about a year, I came across The Honest Kitchen dog food. I decided to give it a try because I wanted to feed her more natural food rather than medicated food. Only after 3 months, I've noticed significant changes in her. She went from a 12lb overweight dog to a healthy, 8lb dog, without even trying to lose weight. Her anal glands used to get impacted often but that isn't the case anymore. She is a lot more regular. Her coat is shinier. Her arthritis seems to have gotten better because she used to limp by the end of the day. She is now a ball of energy all the way until bedtime. But the biggest surprise was that the fatty skin tumor was completely gone!! I could not believe it.
I am very happy that we found The Honest Kitchen dog food. She loves it and I love that it made her healthy, so she can enjoy the remaining of her senior life with us. :)
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