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Bulldog — Age 8
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So Lovabull
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Harold's first day home
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Looking buff on the beach - about a year after we adopted him
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Running on the beach with Luna
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Still looking good at 8 years old
We adopted Harold at age 3 from our local bulldog rescue. He came to us overweight and was on a constant rotation of antibiotics, followed by anti-fungals due to recurring skin infections. He was on medication for the first 6 months we had him.

I had joined a Yahoo group for bulldog owners and had mentioned his skin problems. Several of the members were feeding Honest Kitchen to their bulldogs, so I decided to give it a try. I remember his first meal was Preference mixed with some raw venison that my step father had given us. He LOVED it!

Since the switch, we noticed that his skin infections went away and he was looking sleek and trim. He actually had a waist and muscle tone. I got compliments on how healthy he looked, especially for a bulldog, a breed that is notorious for skin issues, and looking overweight.

When we later decided to purchase a bulldog puppy, we switched her as soon as we brought her home. She has been raw fed her entire life, and has always had a beautiful coat and nice teeth.

I have since fostered several bulldogs through the rescue, and anytime one stays with us, they are fed the same healthy diet as my own dogs. Their health improves so much. It's really rewarding to see the transformation sone of these dogs have made through a healthy, natural diet.

Harold is now 8 1/2 and is considered old for a bulldog, but he is still thriving.
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