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Dachshund — Age 6
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Harry getting ready for a walk in the cold!
We adopted Harry from a rescue, and he was in rough shape. He had hair missing from his tail, dry skin patches everywhere, pink paws as he was chewing them raw, and a terrible limp in his right leg. He was being given NSAIDs along with shots, and was very depressed. Because we already had a dachshund we adopted two years prior that had such great success with The Honest Kitchen, we knew that was our next step. We started transitioning his diet to Force. After two days, he was licking around his kibble because he only wanted Force. We quickly started giving him only that food and within three weeks, his hair is growing back, his skin is glowing, and he is not chewing at his paws. Instantly, his quality of life changed and he is happier than ever. Also, with this great diet and consistent exercise, Harry has now been taken off the NSAIDs and is loving life. Thank you, Honest Kitchen- you changed Harry's life!
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