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Greyhound — Age
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Harvey & my husband Johnnie
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Rolly Polly Greyhound
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The Grass is ALWAYS greener
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Harvey and his buddy Mookie
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Everyone needs a Greyhound Recliner
In March 2009 my husband and our two greyhounds were attacked by a pitbull. We nearly lost Harvey that day, and my husband's back suffered permanent damage.

Both dogs were bitten on the snout, causing long term dental problems. As a result, both have lost at least half of their permanent teeth, making eating a problem. We struggled for years to find a diet both could tolerate and eat without causing more dental problems.

In 2012 Harvey couldn't keep his weight up and Raleigh was showing signs of low thyroid. Thanks to the honest kitchen, Harvey's weight remains stable, and Raleigh is no longer low thyroid. They booth look and act better.

Thanks guys!
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