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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Hattie came to me as a foster dog. She had a lot of behavioral problems when she was pulled from death row at the shelter. She was not dog tolerant, she guarded her food, as well as possessions. Hattie touched a special place in my heart, and after about two months I decided to adopt her as my own. Now that she was going to be mine, I had to get her on a quality food. Many times food provided by rescues are filled with carbs, unknown by-products, and varying degrees of other strange things I would never give to my personal dog. In dog behavior, food change can be a big help. When a dog is eating a low quality food with a lot of grain, that is giving them more they need to "burn off". We switched to Honest Kitchen Embark, and the change was very immediate. It gave Hattie a better 'balance' and I was able to use her now healthy mind and body to start on training for her behavioral problems. We have made long strides with everything, and she is now happy, healthy, and on her way to being well adjusted.
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