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Shih Tzu — Age 5
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Hercules enjoying the outdoors
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Hercules hanging out with Goliath
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Hercules running and playing with Goliath
Hercules is 5 years old and has always been the happiest little dog, but we first noticed he had health issues when he was a puppy. When he was young, he had repeated ear infections and as he got older, he also developed skin and coat issues. He was extremely itchy and would constantly chew his paws and scratch his ears. Our vet prescribed allergy medications and a prescription hypoallergenic diet. He couldn't tolerate the diet and the medication didn't seem to reduce his symptoms. Our vet then recommended giving him corticosteroids to control his symptoms, which we did not want to do. As we researched alternative treatment options, we came across The Honest Kitchen products. We decided to try Hercules on the grain-free diets. He has been eating THK products exclusively now for the past 3 months and his symptoms have improved dramatically. His ears now longer smell of yeast or produce the dark red waxy discharge. His itchiness has decreased dramatically and even the staining on his face from tears has started to fade. Even his enery level, which we were never concerned with before, seems to have improved. Hercules has much more energy now to engage in play with his brother, Goliath. We contribute the improvements entirely to his new diet and will continue to feed him (and Goliath) THK products exclusively. We could not be happier!
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