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Other (dog) — Age 8
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Hogan Joseph the Lhasa Apso
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Hogan is my fourth rescue in the past nine years. He came into our family because he's diabetic. He's currently switching to EMBARK from a "veterinarian approved" prescription diet. He and his pibble sisters go gaga for this food. I've never really seen them eat with such gusto before!! I have great expectations for this food and hope it can help my little Hoagie regulate his insulin.
THK products Hogan loves
  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Turkey Recipe (Embark)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $99.99

    ★★★★★ (416)
  2. Beams® Ocean Chews - Wolffish Skins

    Dog Food

    $12.99 - $18.99

    ★★★★★ (253)
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