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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 0
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Anxiety- we don't do so well with plumbers.
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Post-brushing eye twitches.
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1 week of half-transition to The Honest Kitchen. So much energy!
My husband and I had decided to adopt two cats quite some time ago. During the most ridiculously busy, unbelievably overwhelming few months of our lives (living temporarily across the country), we contacted a local shelter (Cat Therapy & Rescue Society) to arrange dropping off our then-foster cat. When we arrived, the owner opened the door to a small enclosure and two black kittens came tumbling out (literally). Brothers, abandoned at 3 months, and unwanted due to their pure black fur, they were about to be pulled from the shelter because of Halloween quickly approaching. I called my husband and signed adoption papers on the spot.

Heima (brother) has a quiet, sweet temperament and few health issues. Houdini, on the other hand, is outgoing, energetic, and forces cuddles on anyone who will tolerate them. He has contacted severe flea dermatitis (complete with hot spots), food allergies, sensitive tummy, rare parasites, seemingly endless rounds of worms, mild ear infection, anxiety, and has also had to have several x-rays due to swallowing string (despite a baby-proofed house). We were at our absolute wits end, believing his "high-end" expensive wet diet was spotless and could NEVER be the cause. We spent our waking moments reading label after label, researching ingredients we could barely pronounce, and trying holistic supplements.

Enter The Honest Kitchen. Despite our jam-packed work schedules, we had nervously talked about attempting a raw diet when a thread caught my eye on the CatSite. Still thanking the universe for a happenstance discovery- it's been less than a week (of our full transition) and already we're seeing improvements. Houdini is overall more energetic, less anxious, and his coat is starting to look GORGEOUS.

On a more personal note, I spent years of my life transitioning to a raw, plant-based, clean diet to cure my need of medication for my heart condition and anxiety. I was amazed at how quickly I started to feel better, and it brings me unimaginable joy to find a company with so many phenomenal values and an understanding for how deserving our four legged friends are of a quality diet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Honest Kitchen! I can't WAIT to share progress photos!
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