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Jack Russell Terrier — Age 6
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Howie, my Jack Russell has had problems his whole life. He is 6 ½ years old now. On top of having to take him in every 3-4 weeks to have his anal glands expressed, he had never had a normal poop in almost that whole time. Sorry to be so graphic but his poop looked like soft serve. It went from that, to bloody mucous diarrhea. Every 3-4 days he would stop eating, look like he was in pain and always seemed kind of lethargic. He was diagnosed with giardia and coccidia twice so we always thought we were dealing with that most of the time. We tried every kind of food you can think of, from raw to home-cooked to everything in between. Then several months ago, we found out his pancreatic levels were really high. Under 200 is normal, his were 777. I read a lot about the HK Zeal and decided I wanted to try that before the prescription crap the vet wanted to put him on. The change is nothing short of a miracle. His spec CpL levels are now under 200!!!! He LOVES this food so much and he hated everything we fed him before. Now when I go to put his bowl down he’s jumping up to try and get at it. Dec 3rd I started him on Zeal and from about the third day his poop is solid….100% perfect. First time in his whole life his poop is normal. I haven’t had to take him in for his anal glands! Not one time has he sat by the door shaking because he feels sick!! It’s such a relief to have found this food. It really is like a miracle for us, THANK YOU Honest Kitchen!!!!!

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