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Poodle — Age 2
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Isabella came into our home when a friend could no longer take care of her at the age of only 3 and 1/2 months! She has been a blessing and we give her the absolutely best! We used to give her grain free foods like Merrick and Natural Balance until I heard about Honest Kitchen. I like the idea that the food I give my dog is as good as the food I feed myself. I also like that it is high in protein, since Isabella is pretty picky I wanted to give her a food that not only taste great but also packs a lot of nutrients in a little packet. She is also very active(she chases Dobermans and Huskys!) so we make sure she eats the best possible food. I knew Honest Kitchen was the one after I took a taste of the food myself...yes I did! If it's human grade you bet that I am going to try this food myself! It tasted like....chunky vegetable soup with meat, and smelled amazing. The look on bell bell's face after the first bite was priceless, she gobbled it up so fast I don't think she even swallowed! Fast forward many months later Isabella still hasn't gotten sick of her food(thank god!), and it's a first for this picky little poodle! We believe that "you are what you eat", and we think that giving Isabella such a wonderful diet she will stay with us for a long, healthy time. You make my poodle very, very happy! If the lights in my picture attached are too blinding to your eyes, it's because Isabella' hair just shines throughout! In the picture is also where I work! I work at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and scientists here roam around with their fidos all day. I just wanted to let you know that I love ZEAL with, well, ZEAL! Since Isabella is very active(she follows me up and down the hills at my work), I give her food with high crude protein and omegas. We've also tried Keen, Force, and even the cat food because it has higher protein. She especially loves the catfish skin, I only give her one everyday but she finishes them so quickly! I use to let her have a "free for all", and she would literally eat 2 catfish skin in 15 minutes! I get it! She loves this stuff! I also just got gloom, the dehydrated goat's milk. At first I was skeptical because I didn't think it would have as much nutrients as the fresh goat's milk, but it is perfect when I go on a camping trip, or to LA to visit our family. I've tried it myself, and think it tastes pretty close to the real thing! (Yes, I do help myself to a tasting sample when it comes to Isabella's food to make sure it's as good as its advertised!) We just took Isabella to the vet for her annual exam, and they say she is extremely healthy! We brush her teeth daily, run her, and give her the best food(Honest Kitchen). We are such proud pet parents to Isabella, and we are so happy that Honest Kitchen has provided us another opportunity to give bell bell the best. Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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