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Goldendoodle — Age 5
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Waiting for his food!
We bought Jack as an 8 week old puppy from a wonderful breeder in Colorado. From the time he was a baby he would become horrifically sick with vomiting and poor appetite. He would go days without eating and lose so much weight. His eyes were always goopy and he suffered from significant ear infections. We tried multiple types of food and nothing seemed to work. At one point we thought he was going to die as he weighed only 50 pounds (his ideal weight is 65-70 pounds) and was not eating or drinking. Our internist veterinarian suggested we try a food with only one carb and one protein. We began using Natural Balance dog food and Jack's digestive issues seemed to disappear; he regained his weight, energy and stopped vomiting. However, off and on he would still have digestive issues, his eyes were still runny and he would still have an occasional ear infection. We determined he was allergic to all grains and had a very sensitive digestive tract.

In December of 2012, Jack had major genitourinary surgery for a completely different issue unrelated to his food issues and we began the cycle again of his vomiting and losing weight. Looking back we believe this was caused by the large amount of dog treats he was consuming when we would give his medication and whenever he had to be at the vet's office. We also began to wonder if all of his genitourinary issues had been exacerbated by his constant histamine release related to his food allergies. Another thing we began to think about was how the dog food we were feeding him was made - what were the animals fed before they were slaughtered and made into the meat in the dog food? Were they fed GMO foods? If Jack was allergic to all grains, even though the dog food claimed to be grain free were the meat products fed grain before slaughtering? Also, when I read the ingredient list on the dog food it still contained massive amounts of byproducts and preservatives.

This is when we made the switch to Honest Kitchen, after a friend and I were talking about making our own dog food or switching to raw food. I'm not going to claim it's a miracle, but it has definitely been a PROFOUND transformation!! Jack no longer has runny, goopy eyes; no ear infections; his coat is soft and shiny; his digestive tract functions so much more efficiently and healthily; no vomiting; healthy weight and a dog who has never really loved to eat cannot WAIT for his next meal. He will sit outside the kitchen (as the picture shows!) until the timer goes off and devours his food.

I have deep regret we did not know about Honest Kitchen sooner or search more deeply for a healthier food when Jack was younger. However, we are on the right track now and as we add our second puppy to our family there will be no hesitation as she will immediately start on Honest Kitchen when we pick her up in April!

Thank you for adding years to our dog's life and helping him be a happier, healthier part of our family!!
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