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Jake, Teagan, Juliette

Great Dane — Age
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My Danes LOVE The Honest Kitchen!
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This shows their energy level! They are so much happier all around.
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The shine on this coat is remarkable! This is a 5 year old Blue Dane.
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Great body condition/weight on all Danes.
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I am so glad that I have learned the benefits of providing proper nutrition for my dogs. I used to feed Science Diet mixed with canned food. The Danes got to where they had some dandruff, and wouldn't finish their food. I have completely revamped their diets, and I could not be happier.
I mix The Honest Kitchen with all natural homemade wet dog food, and Fromm large breed dog kibble. A local dog food store provided a few samples of The Honest Kitchen which is what got me HOOKED. My Danes refuse to eat kibble alone, and my homemade food doesn't have all of the great added nutrients, etc that The Honest Kitchen has.
We get compliments almost everywhere we go now on coats, and overall body health condition. My picky eaters lick their bowls clean, and have so much more energy than before switching their diet.
I could keep going on, and on about the benefits of this food.
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