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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 3
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Jasmine getting ready for the beach!
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Jasmine constantly suffered from vomiting and diarrhea and/or loose stools. The vet put her on Prilosec to help with her vomiting but she still had the diarrhea and/or loose stools. The vet tested her stool and there was nothing medically wrong with it. I became increasingly frustrated because she would have accidents in the house all the time to the point where she is trained to go on the pee-pads. I switched to different brands of dry food and it would get a little better but it just wasn't completely normal ever. To add to the misery, she is a very picky eater too! So I tried Honest Kitchen, we tried all of the samples that Honest Kitchen had to offer. She ate a few of them well and turned her nose up at some of them. So I ended up going back to the dry food for a while. In the mean time we started giving her raw carrots, green beans, apples, anything raw that dogs could eat. I tried Honest Kitchen again and this time I kept her only on Force. She now eats it just fine and NO MORE DIARRHEA!! 99% of the time she's going to the bathroom outside. I am hoping someday soon I can wean her off the Prilosec. I really do believe there is something in dog food these days that is not right for dogs. I don't mind making the extra effort to hydrate the food, it's all worth it now that my Jasmine is better! I am so happy I found out about Honest Kitchen! Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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