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Greyhound — Age 2
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Hi, our names are Caira and Jasmine; we have very sensitive stomachs and are finicky eaters. Our mom spent six months trying to find us food that we would like. It consisted of numerous vet visits and trips to the pet store, but we would take a bite or two of the new food and walk away. One day, a friend of hers told her about Honest Kitchen. She said her dogs loved it and that it was healthy for them too. Someone at the dog park was also raving about it. She said her dog suffered from a sensitive stomach, but all of his issues resolved when he started eating Honest Kitchen. So, we raced home and our mom ordered it. Our lives changed in an instant, we no longer get upset stomachs and we lick our bowls clean every time. Thank you Honest Kitchen for making such yummy food!!!

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