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Siberian Husky — Age 3
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I rescued two huskies a little over a year ago right before they were brought to a shelter and we have had our ups and downs with all sorts of things including their food issues. They were strays in Chicago had been on their own for quite a while seeing as they had no training or manners at all. They were extremely skinny nothing but skin and bones when they first came home and now are fluctuating and settling into their weight ranges well. I noticed weeks after bringing them home that Jasper was most definitely corn and wheat in-tolerate as he was given an few wheat containing treats by his new great grandmama and kept vomiting in his cage looking miserable after eating them. But just a few months ago I noticed Jasper was getting scaly sores on his chin, in his ears, around his eyes and a few other places. Doing my own research I believe he may be suffering from Zinc Responsive Dermatitis a fairly common condition in Northern breeds. After a few emails to a lovely vet that was nice enough to talk to me without demanding a visit she too believed he may have this condition and instructed me to get him off of all grains and chicken (to rule out any food allergies also) as soon as I was able and to go from there because she did not want to have to do the test for the ZRD as its cost is very high and didn't want to put the pup through a test either. From my own research I had learned that oats can actually irritate the condition and unfortunately not only was Jasper on an oat based food but he received regular oat based treats. Great food and treats in their own rights but not good for my boy! I hated that I had to wait a few months to switch food but he is now off of his prior food and doing a lot better, we are having sores flair up and some have not completely healed yet but I am noticing it is when he gets a bunch of his prior treats we are trying to use up and that he loves. We are not using THK food but may in the future when finances are more stable if we are still considering a possible partial raw diet to help him more. Right now we are here for the BEAMS and QUICKIES!!!! A good natural source of Zinc and a staple in his breeds original diet fish is very good for my boy and I guarantee his sister Bella doesn't mind it either! I am trying to incorporate different fish products into their diets so that I can hopefully avoid having to medicate with a zinc tab supplement. We will be ordering our first box of tall Beams tonight and when they arrive at home I'll cut one in have just for my Jasper and Bella to taste (Bella can be very un-trusting of new treats and food and acts like your trying to kill her with it but is better if she sees it coming from Jasper's portion) but I'm sure they'll be a complete hit!! The husky butts wont want to bring any to their cousins pit mix Honee and mixed breed Sable to share! I can't wait to cut some beams up and add to their treat balls either!

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