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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 12
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Jasper loves cookies outside!
Jasper is a 12 year old lab/viszla mix. At 7 years old he got his first mast cell tumor. He had 4 surgeries to remove these nasty lumps over the next 3 years. Now he has been cancer free for almost 3 years. We changed him from Iams (I shudder that I once fed this!) to grain free kibble, then to kibble mixed with canned food. We changed foods many times over the years. We finally started him on the honest kitchen and some immunity supplements a month or so after his last surgery and since then he has been cancer free. His seasonal allergies are also better controlled and he has not had an ear infection since the switch. He LOVES his food and I love the human grade factor. It's easy to feed (I just make 3 days of food at a time and store it in the fridge) and you can't beat the results!
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