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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 1
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Jedi, Australian Labradoodle
Our labradoodle Jedi has food sensitivities (her eyes get red and scratchy and her skin itches with any kind of kibble and lots of other dog food incl. anything with fish oil in it). We've been cooking all her meals from scratch - for a long time she was on a chicken/rice/bone broth diet that we've now extended to many veggies, fruits, coconut oil, etc. (it's very time consuming and expensive) and also have her on a raw diet. It's making it very hard to leave her at a dog sitter for extended times (a week worth of food fills a fridge!) when we travel so we decided to test The Honest Kitchen (based on our dog trainer's recommendation). So far she has loved the mixes she's tried, especially "Hope"!! She is quite a picky eater too so we are very happy to have found healthy, easily made food that she loves. The "Minimalist" selection is a perfect start and the sample packs offered a way to test without having to make a big investment in case she had a reaction. We are now ready to test even more flavors.
Thank you The Honest Kitchen!
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