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Jelly Bean

Korean Jindo — Age 5
Story picture's Co-Founder, Jelly Bean Rhodes
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That moment when they look at you and your heart damn near explodes.
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Bean has always been sensitive (or just plain picky) with her food. We've stayed away from by-products and grains for the majority of her life (used to be loyal Blue Buffalo fans, for instance); however, as a family we've been trying to stay away from processed foods. Kibble, although limited ingredients, is still processed. So when one of my pet sitting clients suggested Honest Kitchen, I immediately hopped on the bandwagon. How have I not heard of this company before! I purchased quite a few samples to find the one Bean liked the most. She's a chicken fan, not so much on the fish, but the Turkey and Beef caught her attention as well. Although I still use Natural Balance (Limited Ingredient) kibble for her free feed, her breakfast and dinner consists one ladle scoop of Honest Kitchen.
In addition to this clearly being a better non-processed option for her food, she's had extremely healthy bowel movements since starting Honest Kitchen. Her digestive system is clearly working properly since converting and on the days I work 12-hours and she only gets her kibble, I can tell her bowel movements aren't as... cleansing. Since her anal sacs tend to impact regularly, this is actually a huge deal for us on her foods and having healthy movements.
Jelly Bean also has extremely sensitive skin and allergy issues which we have to address daily with supplements and frequent bathing to give her relief on itching. I have yet to see a difference since switching foods in this regard, but it's also seasons changing and allergies are super bad right now. I'm hoping by winter we'll notice a change in this dynamic as well.
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