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Short Haired Tabby — Age 16
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Over two years ago, my cat Joseph began to experience digestive issues. He would vomit almost daily. After taking him to the vet on multiple occasions, there was no medical reason that could be found as to why he was experiencing such digestive issues. I spent a large amount of money on trying different foods. These foods ranged from grain free products to limited ingredients in a kibble or canned version. It seemed no matter what food I tried, Joseph continued to vomit. He experienced weight loss and I felt extremely bad that he continued to have digestive issues despite my best efforts. While shopping on Amazon, I happened to come across the Honest Kitchen Prowl and I thought I wouldn't have anything to lose, so I made the purchase. After about a week of eating Prowl, Joseph stopped vomiting. Over the past two years, I would say that Joseph has vomited very rarely. He is happy, healthy, playful, and a normal weight. I am so glad that Prowl has made such a difference!

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