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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Happiest Dog Ever!
Karma is an incredibly hard working PTSD service dog, and in her down time, she's a comedian. She isn't technically a picky eater - she loves food - but sometimes she just doesn't feel like eating and needs to be "reminded" even when she stomach is gurgling. She has a sensitive digestive tract, so she's on a high quality kibble. I would let her manage her own meals if she didn't work as hard as she does, but because she burns a lot of calories, it's more important that her digestion stays regular.

I decided to start adding Honest Kitchen to her kibble after seeing fantastic results with my mom's terrier mix, Rupee, whom I babysit occasionally when she travels. I got familiar with making his meals, and Karma always hung close by to lick the spoon when I was done mixing (Okay, you got me... she's never more than 2 feet away from me due to the nature of her job.... but she was VERY excited about the spoon).

It wasn't economically sound for me to switch her to dehydrated food completely, as she is about 60 lbs and would consume fantastic quantities, but it did make sense to use it as a "bottom" dressing - so she has to get through some kibble before she can slurp up the tasty stuff. She never skips meals anymore, and I feel better knowing she's getting her calories AND the extra nutrients. She has always had slightly soft stool, and it's looking much better as well, firming up and a good color. She also hasn't had as much gas in the couple weeks she's been on the Thrive. Her coat is already velvet soft, but I know it softened Rupee's up so maybe Karma will become the silkiest dog ever!

I will probably try a rotation of different gluten-free Honest Kitchen feeds so that she doesn't become intolerant to anything. If I ever come into some money, you can bet I will be feeding only Honest Kitchen!
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