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Other (dog) — Age 2
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Katie loves LOVE
Our rough collie Katie, now 2 years old, has always had skin issues--pinkish skin with reddish spots here and there. After the condition persisted after trying three types of grain-free Taste of the Wild dogfood, the vet recommended we feed Katie a hypoallergenic, prescription-required Royal Canin dry dogfood. The Royal Canin improved her skin although she still had regular eye tearing which was also attributed to allergies. Although it worked, I was not sure that feeding her a diet of hydrolyzed soy protein was the best approach. After almost a year of Royal Canin, I tried Taste of the Wild again and the skin problem returned. It continued after I tried a Logic dogfood product. Then I tried samples of two different Sojo dehydrated dogfoods and THK Love in a series of two-at-a-time taste trials. Out of three choices, Katie clearly preferred the THK LOVE product. After eating LOVE for about four days straight, both her skin and eye tearing problems cleared up! It works better than the veterinary dogfood. And for the first time ever, Katie is excited to eat her meals. It is wonderful to feed her food that she enjoys and that is good for her.
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